Thanks for letting us know a few details about you. It helps us to keep track of who's who in our fellowship.
After you give us your name, you can complete as many or as few of these questions as you would like. For example:
• If you are coming to a camp,we really need information like your health care card number, but otherwise, we probably don't need it.
• We'd love to know exactly when you were born, but you don't have to tell us.
• If you just changed a phone number or email address, keep us up to date and submit only that information.

What is your first (personal) name? *

What is your last (family) name? *

What is a cellphone number we can reach you at?

What is your street address?

City and postal code, too, please!
What is your Care Card (your BC health card) number ?

If it is not a BC Care Card, please let us know a few more details about your number, like province or insurance provider.
Who is someone we can contact in case of emergency?

What is their relationship to you?

And their phone number?

Do you have any food allergies or special diet requirements we should let our cooks know about?

When is your birthday?

If you don't want to tell us your year of birth, just use the current year.
We'd love an up-to-date picture of you or your family. You can upload it here.

The following questions are for people who live or work in a group home.

Is the person (named above) a resident or a staff member at the group home?

What is the group home name?

What agency is it with?

Who is the home manager or supervisor?

What is the best way to contact the manager?

We'd love to know any and all of these:
1. Cell phone number of manager
2. Direct 'staff phone' for the house
3. Direct email address for manager
4. House phone
Please give us any other useful information about the group home.

Such as:
1. First and last names of staff members, with or without a method of contact.
2. Names of other residents who do not attend Joy Fellowship.
3. Anything else that would help us to serve your community.
Would you like to receive any of the following information?

We'll start sending any that you choose the next time we send them out. Make sure you included any addresses or phone numbers we need.

Is there anything we can be praying for you?

If you do NOT want this prayer request shared with people outside of our pastoral team, please indicate that below.
Can we share your prayer request with our praying friends?

If you choose 'No', only the Joy Fellowship pastors will see your request.
That information you supplied will be very helpful, we're sure.
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